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The Crystal Sytem Dressage
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**The Crystal Sytem Dressage** Want to Ride Well? …. many horse riding training methods and systems of training are mechanical; techniques which the trainer will try to instil in a pupil. To ride well you need FEEL, which is not only difficult to teach, it’s difficult to explain and diff ...
Piaffe, Passage
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BOOK Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand Please watch 1 minute of the video about my book Piaffe, Passage and Work in Hand now available in english -then share https://vimeo.com/98457951 Mitja Demitrij Cernac Former Bereiter at Lipizza http://www.demitrij.com/ ...
Master Dressage
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Master Dressage teaches unaffiliated and affiliated dressage riders how to ride more beautiful and accurate tests by breaking down the mechanics of the movements, teaching how to flow them together and explaining the judges point of view so that they get more marks, more consistent results and have ...